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100 years of BDA Berlin

We interviewed 17 Berlin architects and city planners as part of our engagement with the 100 year old history of the BDA (Association of German Architects) Berlin: 17 witnesses, born between 1912 and 1946, who share a dedication to city planning and shaped the city of Berlin.
On the initiative of architect Carola Schäfers, writer Erika Mühlthaler and filmmaker Fred Plassmann interviewed all witnesses in rather personal settings and asked them about their relation and experiences with the BDA Berlin.

Editorial Work: Carola Schäfers
Filmmaker: Fred Plassmann, Kika Yang
Editorial Work: Walter Vielain
Editorial Work, Writer: Erika Mühlthaler
Production: OFFscreen MODERNmedia
Client: BDA Berlin

6:39 min | 05/2015 | 1822 views

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