Dimmi Dove Vanno

Julia Zinnbauer

This short film by Julia Zinnbauer deals with a fictional city of post-war modernity which is the setting for a chase refering to the typical spy movies of that time. The self-made costumes and the movements of the performers connect images of architecture from Potsdam, Berlin and Dusseldorf to one coherent urban image. The spectator is left in the dark about whether the film has a feature-like plot or whether we are dealing with associations that are provoked by the architecture. If you look closer you'll find the same cool and glamorous buildings in almost every city, buildings of the post-war era that reflect the optimistic sense of life, the belief in progress and the conquest of the universe.

Performers: Yasemin Dincer, Axel Schrooten, Julia Zinnbauer
Filmmaker, Costumes: Julia Zinnbauer
Music, underwater camera: Robert Brümmerhoff

15:37 min | 2010 | 722 views


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