Frei Otto. Thinking by modeling

The exhibition at the ZKM Karlsruhe

The trailer for the exhibition Frei Otto. Thinking by Modeling, which will be presented at the ZKM Karlsruhe until March 2017, gives an insight into the creative work of one of the most innovative German architects of the 20th century: Frei Otto.
The exhibition celebrates his unique work and wants to communicate new perspectives on his architectural creativity. The exhibition also aims at formulating new questions for the future regarding the relation between architecture, technology, sustainability and society.

Voices: Florentine Krafft, Berth Wesselmann
Filmmaker: ZKM Karlsruhe
Images: SAAI (S├╝dwestdeutsches Archiv f├╝r Architektur und Ingenieurbau)
Editing: Christina Zartmann
Music: Jared C. Balogh, Progressive Mist
Client: ZKM Karlsruhe

1:13 min | 11/2016 | 721 views


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