Prinzessinnengarten Berlin

Urban farming

urban farming as a form of urban intervention: Nomadisch Grün (Nomadic Green) launched Prinzessinnengarten (Princess gardens) as a pilot project in the summer of 2009 at Moritzplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg, a site which had been a wasteland for over half a century. Along with friends, fans, activists and neighbours, the group cleared away rubbish, built transportable organic vegetable plots and reaped the first fruits of their labour...

Editor: Quang Bobrowski
Music: "Stadtsafarisong" by Drrob, Jonathan Aikins, Vicky, Sasun Sayan
Interviews, texts: Christa Müller
Filmmaker: George Eich
Client: Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis

9:45 min | 06/2010 | 15549 views


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