Specific Atmosphere #3

Habitar Portugal 12-14

This is the third itinerary of 'Specific Atmosphere' portraying another 4 Portuguese architectural projects. Specific Atmosphere is a video series by Miguel C. Tavares that captures and translates the atmospheres of selected architectural projects for Habitar Portugal 12-14.
The goal is a video collection of all the 80 projects which give an overview of Portugal's contemporary architecture. Each project has a different program, different characteristics and purposes, each video represents one project within the length of 3 min. Through the sensitive use of sound and music each video reveals the specific atmospheres of the places.

Music, Sound: José Alberto Gomes
Filmmaker: Miguel C. Tavares
Design: And Atelier
Client: Habitar Portugal 12-14

12:48 min | 2016 | 502 views


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