Walking Around the Corner Grain

Eureka & MARU architecture

Japanese architecture firms Eureka and MARU designed a nine unit apartment house at the corner of a residential suburb in the Saitama Prefecture.  The project demanded two parking spaces for each unit, creating a condition in which half of the entire site is covered by parking areas and driveways. Using the encircling driveways and parking spaces to create margins in the architecture, roofed semi-outdoor spaces were inserted into various places, which were then adjusted using wind simulations. It is a porous architecture that allows breeze and produces shades and opens up to the surrounding area and environment.

Production: KUROME photo studio
Filmmaker, Photography: Ookura Hideki
Architecture: MARU architecture
Architecture: Eureka Architectural Design and Engineering

3:48 min | 02/2016 | 243 views


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