Grow Back City

ZRS Architects Engineers

For the 'Tag der Architektur' in June 2016 ZRS Architecs Engineers held the symposium „Nachwachsende Stadt: Natürlich Gesund Bauen“ - the focus was on low-tech concepts for residential and commercial buildings, standardised building with clay and other natural ressources, humidity and ventilation. Various architects and experts were invited to give talks.
"The Nachwachsende Stadt is a living organism. In continuous metamorphosis it adapts to the needs of its inhabitants. Like nature, the Nachwachsende Stadt consists of metabolic cycles, it is grounded in continuously revolving ressources."

Camera: Ute Freund
Production: OFFscreen
Editing, Concept: Kika Yang
Client: Ziegert I Roswag I Seiler Architects Engineers

06/2016 | 549 views


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