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Architect David Hotson gave one of the oldest skyscrapers of New York – located in Lower Manhattan – a new, four-story high head … Now in the crown of the building from the turn of the century dominate the materials glass and chrome and the color white…
Architekt David Hotson gab einem der ältesten Skyscraper New Yorks – gelegen in Lower Manhattan – ein neues, viergeschossiges Haupt … Nun dominieren in der Krone des Gebäudes aus der Jahrhundertwende Glas, Chrom und die Farbe Weiß…
Production date: 06/2013
Language: English
Additional Credits:
Choreographer & Figure: Lily Baldwin
Filmmaker: Jonathan Robinson
Production: BuildPictures
Director of Photography: Ben Wolf with the RED EPIC
Original Music: CurioSound